Buy once, burn forever. Buy once, burn forever.

A sustainably crafted candle, designed for eternal use.

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The Jewel collection has arrived!

Crafted from infused colored glass, this candle holder never fades, resembling a precious jewel, while its facets expertly refract light for captivating brilliance.

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Perfumer created scents.

Discover your new favourite scent. An immersive sensory experience crafted in collaboration with perfumers, evoking memories of cherished moments and personal journeys.

Transport Me
Green Onyx

Adding a pop of color to a monochrome world.

Let our iconic centerpiece illuminate a space adorned with neutrals or similar colors, becoming the focal point of every conversation with its ethereal glow.

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The creators

Hand poured in Australia

Natural healing properties

2KG+ in weight

Each piece is one of a kind

Conscious packaging options

Free shipping to AUS, USA & NZ