A Forever Candle.

Designed and created to last a lifetime.

Our process begins by selecting the perfect piece of onyx & marble based on its individual character and unpredictable charm. Each stone candle holder is finished by hand, and created to let the beauty of the material speak for itself. The true beauty is held within the unique glow each candle provides once lit, showing off the intrinsic veins and translucent layers.

Size: 11.5cm H x 10cm D / Weight: 1.6Kg

One of a kind, just like you.

Stand out in a crowd.

Our collections are sculpted as objets d’art, embracing the unexpected and unique facets of natural stone ensuring no two candles are alike. We believe our ideal customers are a lot like us: people who value experiences over things, who believe in quality over passing fashions, and who appreciate sustainability, beauty, and craftsmanship in the items they choose to grace their homes and express their personalities.

Clean burning.

Pure double cotton wicks burn beautifully.

Formulated with a coconut and soy blend wax with pure cotton wicks to ensure the best possible burn and dispersal of scent. We source the finest local essential and fragrance oils, ensuring the quality and complexity of each candle’s scent. They are then individually hand poured in Australia.

320g, 11.2oz, 60 hour burn

A strictly no mess affair.

Enjoy our patent pending design.

Mix and Match between our natural stone candle holders and scented candle inserts. Burn and immerse yourself in the luxury scent and unique glow! When completed, Simply recycle your finished candle and pop in the new one. It will always be a clean and simple exchange. There will never be any mess, we promise!

The purest materials.

A refined luxury candle experience.

Every part of The Luxuriate’s product design is based on discernment: on seeking out and finding the best quality of raw materials to work with, and working with their particular idiosyncrasies, refining their unique qualities and beauty to their purest form. Each holder is finished by hand, and created to let the beauty of the material speak for itself. The result is a design that is striking in its refined simplicity, and distinctive in the quality of its craftsmanship.

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