Membership Pricing.

As a member of The Luxuriate you will receive a range of discounts depending on how frequent you refill with us and also how many refills you purchase per shipment.
Standard pricing
Candle refill = $60
Shipping Cost = $10
Frequency discount
We offer a discounted candle refill price based on how frequent you refill your candle holder with us. This is calculated automatically by our system based on the time between your last order and your current order. The below table outlines the pricing discount. Please note, if your membership has been paused or your next refill pushed out further than your normal frequency, the system will automatically calculate the "time between" your orders and adjust the price accordingly.
Time between shipments -
0 - 2 months = $50 (SAVE $10 + FREE SHIP)
2 - 4 months = $55 (SAVE $5 + FREE SHIP)
4 + months = $60 (FREE SHIP)
Multiple item discount
Along with the membership discount above we offer further discounts when members add more than one refill to their shipments. The below table outlines these discounts.
Items pre shipment -
1 x Candle Refill = 0% Discount
2 - 4 Candle Refills = 10% Discount
5+ Candle Refills = 20% Discount
All discounts above are automatically calculated by our system and will apply at cart/checkout for viewing.
Free express shipping over $200Taxes & Duties included in priceDeliveries may be delayed due to COVID, view here.
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