Olive Oil Dish Wash (500ml)


Saardé Olive Oil Dish Wash is made using all natural ingredients – no harsh chemicals, dyes or synthetic preservatives. This makes it especially good for use on baby bottles and children’s dishes.  It is made using Turkish Extra Virgin Olive Oil, meaning it is great for use if you have sensitive or dry skin. Gentle on hands, non toxic, biodegradable and it looks gorgeous in the kitchen!

There aren’t as many soap suds…and that’s ok!
There’s a commonly held belief that seeing the bubbles of a dishwashing liquid means it is working, with many large commercial manufacturers even adding chemicals in to specifically create bubbles and foam. However, the belief that bubbles mean a dishwashing liquid is working is a myth!

Dishwashing liquids clean your dishes by using surfactants (surface-active-agents).  These are compounds that, when added to water, reduce the surface tension of water molecules, allowing cleaning agents to penetrate and dissolve dirt on the surface of your dishes.  It is the soap (or saponified) molecules that are the surfactants doing the cleaning, not the bubbles.

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