An incense that transcends generations, LOVE CARROT – TOKYO KODO INCENSE keeps us grounded while imagining what the future may bring.

  • Envelope your home in a luxurious and lingering scent of earthy groundedness.
  • 100% natural incense to create perfect harmony between being and doing.
  • Carrot seed oil is earthy with a slight floral undertone.
  • Bright and uplifting orange and patchouli are delicately interwoven to enliven and stimulate.
  • Creamy Indian sandalwood and sweet vanilla bring everything together in this nurturing scent.
  • Ancient Japanese incense making techniques and modern French Perfumery come together to provide a luxurious and singular experience.

Love Carrot was the first fragrance created by Chikako, of Tokyo-Kodo and remains her favourite to this day. It perfectly encapsulates the Tokyo-Kodo mantra of homage to old and new; of reimagining tradition and creating your own.

Love Carrot is the perfect scent to:

  • Calm a frazzled mind
  • Accompany goal setting sessions
  • Create a unique signature scent inside your office

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